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Re: WFT End Of Mandatory Mini's and Beyond thread

Originally Posted by CRedskinsRule View Post
I love that it will be a competition, but I think Fitz has to start. I hope in the preseason Heinicke gets lots of playing time to test his ability to stay healthy, Fitz balls out this year, gets a new contract elsewhere and Heinicke gives the WFT 2 contracts worth of above average to elite qb play. That would truly be Fitzmagical
I like that scenario. On episode 76 of Al Galdi's podcast he said Heinicke's game against Tampa earned him the best Washington QB PFF grades in nearly 14 years, 92.0... and that was against your SB Defense (minus Devin White).
I agree Fitz is the starter unless Heinicke is really obviously better, but he has to legitimately be considered in the mix.

On episode 82, you can hear the clip of Ron asked about the QB competition, he talked Fitz up, then was adamant but how good Heinicke is... and did not even mention Kyle Allen even once !
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