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Re: 2021 NFL Draft Day!!

Originally Posted by mooby View Post
Man if you dislike the "once a day" thread, you're really going to hate my once-per-hour draft day threads. I had a whole day's worth of themes lined up.

Mooby's "top-ten draft picks who look like Christian Slater" thread
Mooby's "top-five TE picks whose names rhyme with Lyle Thrifts" thread
Mooby's "Why is Trevor Lawrence going to be a bust" thread
Mooby's "jesus fuck what is wrong with the culture at Penn State - and why we shouldn't draft Micah Parsons" thread
Mooby's "out of the top five qb's, which ones are going to fail" thread
Mooby's "I'm running out of ideas already, which prospect is gonna get Laramy Tunsil'd today" thread
Mooby's "Kyle Shanahan really better not take Mac Jones" thread
Mooby's "Zach Wilson looks like he keeps a shelf full of beans that look like The Leader" thread
Mooby's "that's my stapler.... don't touch my stapler" thread
Mooby's "dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge" thread
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