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Re: Snyder to Stay on a Owner

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
The Billionaire BOYS Club - the other NFL team owners decided to keep Dan Snyder on as owner and to allow him to buy out the 3 minority owners for the WFT.

This is certainly GREAT news for the other three teams in the NFC East, who have benefited from Snyder’s horrific winning record as owner. Who wouldn’t want to oppose a team in this division with such a Buffon and the NFL’s worst owner at the helm.? As soon as Rivera is gone, Dan will be back to his old tricks again.

What this means in the short run:

1. We won’t have a team name. We will still remain as the laughing stock of the NFL fans who consider our inability to get a real name as another sign of dysfunction and poor management. I believe Snyder won’t pick a new name because he’d have to pay someone to get it.
Disagree. I like keepting WFT cuz it keeps the Redskins as well. Fuck som egimmick ass "new name"
2. We’ll have male and female cheerleading squad. Snyder will do anything and everything to move away from all the sexist allegations of the last year. We’ll be the only team with a mixed cheerleading squad. Again to the amusement and laughter of the rest of the NFL.
its 2021, the me too pc police generation. Disagree.
3. As long as RIVERA is winning and stays on, he will have full power to make team, management and personnel decisions. But don’t believe for a second that anything has changed with Snyder. Dan micromanaged the team to the very bottom of the NFL over 20 years and is certainly just ITCHING to put his fingers back in the pie!! He’s played nice for a year but he can’t wait to wade into the personnel decision-making again. We’re ok as long as Rivera is around. As soon as he leaves, the team will spiral downward under Dan’s piss poor decision-making. The old employee rule will be back: “Don’t look into my eyes - for I am from Mt Olympus and you are a lowly mortal!”
Ron will be fine.
Long-term: Snyder will be our owner for another couple decades. Nothing has changed. He wants to get back into making all the team decisions, regardless of whether the team wins or not.
we'll see. history say correct, i want to believe different
New Stadium? Possible but not soon. All the local politicians hate Snyder because the fans hate Snyder. That won’t change. If any other owner offered to build a new stadium WITH HIS OWN MONEY the local pols would jump at it. But Snyder is reviled in the Washington DC area and I’m not sure any politician wants to be associated with him right now. If the team wins and the fans come back, then the politicians will make a stadium deal with Snyder. But NOT right away.

The owners may forgive Snyder or may like to having him around because (in comparison) Snyder makes them look like geniuses and compassionate human beings. But I think it will take years for the fans to come back.
fuck him
Maybe if the team wins consistently in the next seasons, the fan base will return quickly. But I wonder. The team is in decrepit FedEx field until 2027. It’s a lousy stadium and Snyder’s prices are high and the service is awful. Fans may come to see Chase Young and a winning team, but It took 2 decades of gross owner mismanagement and misconduct to destroy this team’s fan base. I just don’t think the fans will forgive SNYDER so quickly just because his fellow owners did so.
again, fuck him.

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