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Stafford in WFT Plans? Hes Available

Detroit Lions to actively seek trade for QB Matthew Stafford, sources say

In an arrangement the two sides have discussed and mutually agreed upon, quarterback Matthew Stafford is expected to not return to the Lions this offseason, with Detroit listening to trade offers for its former No. 1 overall pick starting this week, league sources told ESPN's Adam Schefter on Saturday.

Per Adam Schefter

As much as Schefty is dope...he is usually right with his info.

So get in now with your opinion and dont give me this on the fence bs or comment after the fact. Dont be a fan later

Do you want him yes or no? What are you giving up?

Yes from me Im sending our first to start with and a second next year to seal it.

Im going to restructure do a 5 year deal to spread the cap hit out
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