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Re: Panthers Postgame sadness

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
I see several bursts of sunshine from the bad game against the Panthers.

Taylor Heinickle brought some fire to this offense. He had a faster release and much more accurate passes than Haskins. Sure the Panthers were playing soft, but they also know that Taylor was going to pass EVERY PLAY. If he had been brought right after the half he could have won this game. The WR and Thomas were often open - the problem was Haskinís poor passes or his tendency to stare down the receiver or his slow progression through the receivers. If Alex Smith is not ready for the Eagles, I think Heinickle will make a decent replacement. He has desire and is smart - he may be a good backup at Qb for this season and next.

The Haskinís media circus is largely over. The team can beat the Eagles if they focus on this game. The Eagles are NOT going to lay down for this game. But with a decent performance by Heinickle, and the return MacLaurin, this team can win the game.

With Haskins gone, the post-season draft will be built around getting a franchise QB. I think the team will trade up to get into a range to get one of the top 3-4 QB.

Finally, the biggest Ray of Sunshine was from a prepared statement one of the TV game announcers made late in the game. That statement basically said that the NFL knew about Snyderís out-of-court settlement with one of teams female employees. The NFL has been QUIET about Snyder up to now. Now the NFL is talking about the practices that appear to have been part of the redskinís franchise culture under Snyder. I see it as the narrative the NFL will take to oust Snyder. This toxic environment started at the top, and when employees complained they were paid to be quiet (this case), or intimidated by private investigators, potential lawsuits or non-disclosure clauses in their contracts.

The NFL canít ignore the findings of this investigation nor the negative press leaks that just keep coming. Furthermore, Snyder has no friends with the local politicians, the press,the fans or owners- except perhaps owners who secretly like to see Snyder continue to make terrible draft choices such as with Haskins. Better to force Snyder to sell. This statement will be the first of many by the NFL as they deal with Snyder after the season is over.

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I don't see how it's a problem for him unless there are other settlements the NFL is/was not aware of.
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