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Re: Panthers Postgame sadness

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
JFC...when did Steven Sims Jr forget how to play football?

Cut this guy already

Heís never been that good IMO. He brings little excitement at a ST returner, except to the WFT fans who wonder if he will fumble AGAIN. He has dropped a lot of good passes. Steve Sims has been passed up by his namesake Cam SIMS as a WR. Although Cam had one significant drop last game, he has been a decent WR this year. With a stable QB situation next year Cam could be a regular contributor on the team (as the Slot WR?).

However, the WFT will add a very good WR STAR next year in FA, to offset McLaurin. WR are tough to draft out of the first round. Easier to get an excellent WR who wants to join a young team on the rise.

Although Rivera said something modestly nice about Steve Sims JR this week, heís just trying to get him not to FU, because the WFT has few WR alternatives this season.

SS will UNDOUBTEDLY be outplayed and dropped next TC when fresh, new and greatly improved FA WR and draft picks come on the property. He had his chance and didnít get there. Cam Sims and Harmon may be good enough next year to make the cut but the WR group may easily be the most improved section of the team next season. Steve Sims wonít make it.

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