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Re: WFT Wild Card Pre-Game Thread

Originally Posted by CRedskinsRule View Post
That is what I think gives the team the best chance.

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I agree.

I watched the Bucs game against the Giants, one of their losable wins, and I think to have a shot we need to things :

-Our D to ball out, as has been said, and I think Brady can be rattled a little bit if we bring lots of pressure.

-Our O to be able to take some shots downfield, because I think their D's weakness is their secondary. So if sprinkling in a bit of Heinkicke to take some shots helps us move the ball, I'm all for it ! Especially if Alex isn't 100%.

Plus, we know we need every thing we can get to have a shot, so why not make it a little bit harder for them to gameplan on defense ?
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