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Re: WFT Wild Card Pre-Game Thread

Originally Posted by CRedskinsRule View Post
I hope they DON'T go in with the mindset of see how it goes with Alex. The game plan and mindset should be to intermix Heinicke from the start and make sure to mix up his playcalls along with Alexs. If they know Alex will only run and throw short you gain zero advantage by mixing in Heinicke. Our coaches are smart enough to know that, but will they apply it. Thats the question.

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I think the coaches will develop a passing gameplan for each qb based on their strengths and the situation of the game. I’d like to see Foster active for this game, we need speed

You know what I saw when Heineken entered the game, 4 vertical routes...down the field seem routes. Haven’t really seen that all year. And damn it if Heinicke wasn’t winding up and throwing it.
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