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Re: Your 2014-2015 Maryland Terps Basketball

Maryland Terrapins vs. Indiana Hoosiers - Recap - January 22, 2015 - ESPN

Hoosiers hit 15-22 for 3s. fifteen of twenty-two. unheard of. terps were holding opponents to under 30% before last night.

Terps continue to play inconsistent. I am wondering if it isnt so much inconsistency as much as they are just a good not great team at this point.

Wells is odd to me. He has all the looks of an elite scorer and baller but will routinely not finish plays. He does a great job driving the lane but will miss the floater or driving the lane to collapse the D but then throw the kick-out pass out of bounds ... he has the athleticism to get himself into good positions but doesnt have the talent to finish as much as he should.

Hoosier fans certainly enjoyed the terps loss more than the hoosiers win. If the terps beat them at college park, I dont want to hear any uppity hoosier fans talking about gamemanship or act like youve been there crap.
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