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Re: Your 2014-2015 Maryland Terps Basketball

Northwestern Wildcats vs. Maryland Terrapins - Recap - January 25, 2015 - ESPN

this terp team is just a notch below being a great team. they are what they are at this point. turgeon is not getting the most out of his guys, so frustrating.

where is Dodd? where is our interior D? guys are getting beat off the dribble then there is no one to meet them in the paint.

down by 11 with 4 mins to play, they showed a lot of pride fighting back for the win.

thank goodness turgeon finally put pressure on an inferior opponent to wake his team up. if he had gone to full court press or even a half court trap against Illini we would have won that game.

teams are starting to light it up on the perimeter.

defending high screens - our bigs do a great job jumping out on switchs. i think we run into problems when 2 gaurds have to switch bc of a screen. it seems a guard will take a lazy and wide outside route of the screener leaving the shooter with plenty of room bc the other defender already has switched back to his guy .. but the other terp is not back on his manyet bc he is taking the long route .... take the inside route on screens, force refs to make a call. nickels was horrible last night on perimeter D.

wells made a big time play last night. thank goodness he was able to finish the play.
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