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Re: Your 2014-2015 Maryland Terps Basketball

Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Maryland Terrapins - Recap - February 19, 2015 - ESPN

The terps pulled away a little bit at the end and the huskers made 3 3 pointers in the last min or so to make the score seem a little closer. the terps were down for a little bit in the 2nd half.

every big 10 team seems to play hard against the terps. these teams seem to make more 3s and get bounces.

our centers were non-existent again. Dodd, graham just fumble the ball down low too often to be reliable looks.

this team will not go far in the tourney without a paint presence.

we lose wells next year which will suck.

trimble-nickens-wiley-layman-dodd-chevosky next year.

we have no recruits coming in next year in the top 100. we do have an offer to undeclared 6'10" center Stone who is ranked no. 7 overall. looks like it is btw us and Wisconsin and he is from wisconsin and wisconsin in a top 5 team right now.
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