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Ron Rivera Thread

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Re: Ron Rivera Thread

You could see last year whenever they tried to move Kendall Fuller to safety or the slot Moreau was just not up to the task of filling in on the outside. So they could not mix things up much. Hopefully the new guys allow JDR to go full evil genius mode.
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Re: Ron Rivera Thread

Originally Posted by GridIron26 View Post
For sure, I'm really excited to see how the defense will play this year. We will play multiple good/great QBs so it will be a good test for the defense. Also, it's good to know that they are expecting St-Juste to contribute immediately, I wasn't sure what we would expect from him when we drafted him. I love his story though.
he has insane measurables, he's just raw. JDR said his toughness jumps out at u
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Re: Ron Rivera Thread

Originally Posted by skinsfaninok View Post
I was excited when they hired Ron but now I'm even more ALL IN. If this team finishes 8-8, does Ron win the Coach of the Year?

Remember ... 17 games this year ... we CAN'T finish 8 and 8!

Even with a first place schedule, I think we surprise people this year. I really like the D additions, and I think our O will be more potent than we think.

Way too early projection: 10 - 7 for me. With a couple of Cowboy beat downs. It should be a very fun year.

@ Atlanta
@ Charlotte
@ Dallas
@ Philly
@ Las Vegas
NY Giants
LA Chargers

@ Green Bay (A Rod has them in a mess, so who knows)
@ Denver (I think the Broncos will surprise folks.)
@ Buffalo
@ NY Giants (stub our toe here ... should be a W)
New Orleans (Post Brees could make this easier)
Tampa Bay (I would love to make a statement here)
Kansas City
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Re: Ron Rivera Thread


Rivera's culture, Turner's offense sold Leno Jr. on Washington

As offensive lineman Charles Leno Jr. visited with the Washington Football Team after being released by the Chicago Bears, there was an instant sense of comfort.

He spoke with numerous members of the front office and coaching staff and all were gracious and made him feel welcomed. There was one conversation, though, that showed Leno he was in the right place.

Sitting down with head coach Ron Rivera, Leno got a feel for who Rivera is as a leader. Speaking on more than just football it was exactly what Leno was looking for, making the decision to sign with the team an easy one.

“Coach Ron Rivera, he is a different man," Leno said on 106.7 The Fan's Grant & Danny. "He doesn’t only talk about football. He’s deeper than that.”

“He’s a man that actually understands life, and just talking about life just really made me understand, ‘you know what this is exactly the place I want to go,'" Leno said. “Cause at the end of the day, yes, we are playing football but he’s more of a life coach.”

The product on the field was important for Leno, but he also wanted to make sure that he was joining the right culture. That's something Rivera has worked hard to instill since taking over the job last offseason.

Leno noticed that from an outside perspective, and once he was able to hear from Rivera himself, it was an easy decision to come in and play for him.

“He’s a real human being and I really enjoyed that about talking to him," Leno said. "That was the number one thing that sold me on Washington, coming there.”

“Just mad respect for the man. I see the things he’d done for the team over the last year and I can’t wait to be a part of what we’re going to do in the future," Leno said.

The culture was key, but Washington's offensive style was an added benefit for the veteran tackle. He noted that offensive coordinator Scott Turner runs a multiple scheme on offense, meaning he takes from various other styles and meshes it together.

It's similar to what Leno worked with during his seven years in Chicago, and something that he believes suits his style of play.

“Being multiple, you can adapt. You can do kind of anything the defense presents to you," Leno said. "You come out in the first half, you have this one game plan. If they adjust to that then you can adjust at any time being a multiple offense. So, that’s what really drew me to this offense.”

His release from the Bears came as a surprise, but Leno believes it's all just part of the journey. That bump in the road brought him to Washington, where he feels he found exactly what he wanted.

“This is something that I felt like fits me and where I’m at in my journey right now," Leno said.
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Re: Ron Rivera Thread

Heard parts of RR press conf today. Nothing really to report.

He talked about how Samuel's speed stood out. Had something like 87 guys come to the voluntary workouts.

Fitz - said you could tell from the get go that hes a vet and leader by the way he called out plays, helped guys where they were supposed to be. Working and giving input with Turner and other coaches re plays throughout the walk throughs.

He threw a perfect over the shoulder to Cam who made a nice catch. Said its nice guys can start to get to know each other vs last year w covid.

RR liked when he heard a vet say "we dont walk we run during practice". Says teams that practice fast play fast. he like hearing a vet say that to a younger player.
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