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NFL Conference Championship Weekend

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Re: NFL Conference Championship Weekend

[QUOTE=AnonEmouse;1275366]The counter argument is twofold. They had to score a TD at least once (arguably twice if you count the 2 pointer). The FG mean that they a) had to get the ball back quickly to leave time on the clock and b) have halfway decent field position to be able to get that TD in the time available.

Go for it on 4th and fail? TB are stuck inside their own 10 and unlikely to take chances passing for a 1st down. If GB stop them there, then they likely get the ball back in very good field position. And if they don't stop them then it's a moot point anyway.

We know how it went after the FG anyway, but even had they stopped them getting the 1st down, they'd have been getting the ball back likely inside their own 20 with less than 1 min. to cover that distance.

You've got Aaron Rodgers and Devontae Adams on the field. Of course you go on 4th down. Unless you don't trust your HOF worthy QB...[/QUOTE]

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Re: NFL Conference Championship Weekend

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
it was a stupid call. you have one of the best qb's ever and davonte adams. you give him a 4th down. end of discussion.

also the hc deserves blame for the end of the half td. inexcusable to leave a db in one on one coverage w/ seconds left in the half. epic failure and that falls on the hc.

As i said, LaFleur is garbage.
Kevin King was BBQ Chicken all game.

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Re: NFL Conference Championship Weekend

Originally Posted by sdskinsfan2001 View Post
Kevin King was BBQ Chicken all game.
He was chicken something during the game....
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Re: NFL Conference Championship Weekend

My pronouns: King/Your ruler

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