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In Vitro Fertilization

Parking Lot

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In Vitro Fertilization

so Im about to be 43, I have a 9 year old, Im good on the kid front (like really good) but my GF whose now 40 doesnt have any kids and wants one. Bad.

I feel like I cant deny a woman a chance to birth a child. I imagine its her ultimate purpose in life and without, life will always be half empty. Much like my need for beer and playing RDR2.

So we tried and nothing.

I had to do the classic swimmers in a plastic cup thing, I really wanted the whole experience. Going into their "private room", requesting some explicit porn videos from some female nurse, ya know .. the whole awkward experience. But its was closed during covid.

So I was relegated to jerking off in a public bathroom at work. Then had to drive like a maniac on 495 to drop the lil guys off within an hour. Got there and they were closed for lunch .. so I waited outside the door of a fertility clinic for 15 minutes holding a brown paper bag.

Surprisingly, after 28 years of being a big pot head .. I still have strong swimmers and no problems on my end. Which is great bc I was expecting them to say the boys are slowing down and then my GF making me stop smoking. I already decided if it was a problem on my end, id stop no argument.

So now weve paid a fertility clinic about 19k with another 9K due for In Vitro Fertilization. We are just a few days into this.


Anyone go through this?

Some cool things I didnt know or maybe im a bit confused .. they can look at the DNA from both of us and see if there is an extra chromosone and weed out/not use some problem looking eggs and sperm. So thats cool.
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